Monday, January 29, 2007

Another version of the photographs

I thought you may all want to look at another version

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Not forgotten!

As Lynn said in her "Ulphies News", the 19th of January 2007 was one of the hardest days of my life; There wasn’t anything that I could do or say to ease the pain that I felt. Messages of thoughts and sympathy, from you all (and many others who couldn’t be with us on that day), have reinforced what, in my heart, I already knew.
Betty, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt and friend to many, was “a lovely lady”; “one in a million”; “thoughtful, caring, kind, loving and generous”; “she will be missed in the community of Hadleigh, by both young and old, and remembered for her hospitality, especially her cooking, and her smiling face”; “family was everything to her and she was very proud of us all and wanted to share that with us at every opportunity”.
Since her sudden death, Lynn, dad and I have found strength and comfort from each other and the wonderful memories of times we have spent together -
She is still beside us, in our hearts and always will be. This Bubblr Strip links together those of us who meant so much to her. This is for you Mum.

Darwen Tower & Sunnyhurst Wood

Below is a link to my bubblr accout of Saturdays walk. Just click on it once to activate; a second time to be taken to the 'actual size' strip.
I think this is an excellent tool for bloggers and has huge potential in teaching and learning. (Sorry I slipped into work mode!)
I'm sure Chris will want to add a few comments but I think the bubblr strip says it all!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Catching up

What a lot has happened since the last blog! J has spent a lot of time with his Dad and they both came home last weekend. I picked Madeline and Ben up from the airport early on Saturday morning and it was hugs and tears all around! They both had different ways of dealing with the inevitable jet-lag but I am not sure who won that one! A trip to Asda and an evening meal at The Pheasant on Saturday evening finished off the day and Dad seemed to enjoy it all. Sunday was clear and bright and we set off for Martin Mere to feed a few ducks.
B & M took quite a few photos (!!) and we all enjoyed the sunshine and ducks. I hope I am adding a photo from each collection to save arguments! We then headed to the Owd Barn for toasted cheese sandwiches and back home to view the photos! We played board games and laughed a lot with a few sad moments in between. Dad and I went to get Grandma’s photo printed out and to buy a frame on Monday and had a quick look round the new stands at Aintree. J had an interview on Tuesday and I went to work so the young ones kept Dad amused at the Ice Cream Parlour in Maghull, I suspect it wasn’t quite what Madeline is used to!! M & B cooked for us on Tuesday evening and J and Dad set off back to Hadleigh on Wed with Ben and Madeline who were dropped off at Mandy’s. I popped into work and went to the gym in the afternoon. Mel and I set off for Peterborough at about 1 pm on Thursday and finally arrived at midnight due to gales and road closures. I think that is all we need to say although I am thinking of writing a novel about our epic journey!! We all headed for Hadleigh on Friday for Mum’s funeral at Ipswich crematorium. It was amazing to see so many people and although a very sad occasion it was good to see so many friends and relations. J stayed on with Dad and the rest of us headed back to Peterborough. Mel, I, Ben and Madeline drove back on Saturday and J arrived just after us from Hadleigh. An early start to the airport on Sunday and having seen the lambkins safely off to the departure lounge, we went for a 4 mile walk around Dunham Massey. It was certainly cold but very pleasant and we saw lots of deer in the park, some of whom were trying to rub off their old antlers.
We waited to see if a set would just fall off nearby but unfortunately they didn’t. Disappointed we headed for the cafĂ© for sandwiches and hot drinks. Everything seems to be back to normal now and everyone is at work today, I do not have to be in Southport until 10 am so thought I would just catch up before I set out for the day. We still have the internment to come but a chapter in our lives has ended and we all look forward to the next one, what ever that may be. With flights already booked for 9 April, San Francisco should be the next great adventure!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

A very sad Sunday

Last Sunday should have been a really good day, Mandy and Dave were home from Oz, Mandy was 30 and we were off for a walk around the parks of Liverpool. All that changed when we got the phone call from Lynn to say that Mum had died. There is that awful feeling that you just don't know what to do or say and so many things go through your mind in a few seconds. All the lovely times with the children when we lived in Fordham, the fantastic cooking and that very special feeling that I still had a mum even though not by birth. We phoned Mandy and Mel and John and Mel set off to Suffolk with me following in my car. We met Mandy and Dave in Hadleigh and it was good to see so many of the family united in grief. Dad seemed totally shocked and I know that John, Lynn and he have had a hard time of it this week with all of the arrangements to be made. As Lynn said, ‘a lot of tears but a lot of laughter’. I came home on Monday having stopped at Mandy's with Mel and life has resumed with a little bit missing. The joyous news to come out of all this is that Ben and Madeline are coming over tomorrow from the US in time for next Friday's funeral and having just read Ben's blog I am sure there will be a few more tears. Rest in peace Mum wherever you are and thanks for all the joy you brought into our lives. Ben’s photo for you says it all.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

A Happy New Year to all our readers. Glad you enjoyed the fireworks Mandy and Dave and that Oz is treating you well! The last few days seem to have been a bit of a lazy blur. I have been suffering with my back/hip since Wednesday and the gym didn't seem to help. I am much better now and we managed a 4 mile walk yesterday from a village in Cheshire, called Bunbury. Part of it was VERY muddy and part along the Shropshire Union Canal which was nice. I am booked in to see Diane on Wed afternoon so I am sure she will sort me out.
We spent a very exciting new year's eve in front of the TV with Mel and bottle of wine and champagne. The fireworks in London looked very good on the TV but doubtless not as good as Sydney! They cancelled the Liverpool celebrations due to very high winds - I have seen worse! Have just been on an abortive trip to see if any shops were open but they were not. J nearly bought a new watch from Colin Beaver (who was there in person!!!) but they didn't have a big enough strap. What a crazy life we lead!! I can't believe where the last 10 days have gone but it is back to work tomorrow and only a few days before the OZ wanderers return - but you probably didn't need reminding of that sorry.