Monday, July 31, 2006

31 August 2006 My first Blog!!

Whoever would have thought that I would have a blog?? Not to be outdone by those younger but not necessarily wiser than me I intend to add to my blog whenever we (John and I) have something/somewhere interesting to report on.
We went to Crowden yesterday, a little village on the edge of the Peak District, east of Manchester. It really is east of Manchester, unlike 'Krakatoa east of Java'. Parking was next to a camp site which has distinct possibilities for a future visit with Ben's tent, but then camping always looks attractive when the weather is so good. It was a 4 mile walk through lovely countryside near to interlinking reservoirs, some of which were very dry. The highlight of the walk was the wild cherry trees which had the most delicious ripe cherries. So far no ill effects.
Bought icecreams from the camp shop on our return and only got slightly wet with a couple of small showers. Home for lunch and a nap in the garden before Ben returned from Sheffield. An evening trip to see the sun set over Formby but unfortunately the sun didn't set as early as I thought (although John knew it would be too early).

Ben looking west towards Ireland (or perhaps further!)