Friday, March 29, 2013

Arrochar Dunbartonshire

Our latest walk was in Scotland 0n 28th March 2013 - A round trip from Forest Holidays, Argyll Cabins.
You can see the walk at
A cold week but sun shining when Chris and I set off on the walk. From the Cabin we made our way past the "Retreat" ...

with its Otter carvings...

through ancient woodland up to the Information Centre. Here we made the decision to walk the "Yellow Route". 

As you can see there were some more wood carvings - Buzzard and Otters.
Apparently there was a gentle climb - Scottish humour me thinks - up into the forest.
It did level out

As you can see, it was cold

The colours and variety of mosses impressive

One of two sad deaths on the footpath
And the shrew the second
The reflections of buildings on the far side of the loch (Loch Long) were impressive.
Reflections in the Loch
As we decended to the "Old Military Road" we saw more carvings on both sides of the road.
Not sure who this person is/was!
The loop was completed by walking loch side back to the cabins.

Time to put our feet up!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday's short walk

Todays walk,from Aintree to Walton,included the Liverpool Loopline

It was only 3.9881 miles, which was shorter than our usual Sunday walk. 
To be fair,the Hare has to go further...
 than the tortoise...

 As you can see, it wasn't very warm...

The ponds,in Walton Hall Park, had a healthy bird population; moorhens, coots, mallards, geese and cormorants, to name just a few...

You can view the walk at...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pex Hill Observatory, Cronton

We started from Cronton today. A former mining village lying between the M62 to the north and Widnes to the south and the walk makes the most of this rural gap. 
Pex Hill is only 67m (220') high but has a most extensive view to the west.
Today our route, the URL for this route is, took us 5.7675 miles.
Older maps show a Visitor Centre on Pex Hill, but the building now houses an observatory and a centre for countryside workers.
The start of the walk is up a lane directly opposite Widnes Sixth form College on the A5080. The lane is easily recognized by its green pillars and railings and is on the left if you come from the M62 junction 6.
A metal viewfinder near the start of the walk has the skyline engraved showing Liverpool's two cathedrals, Snowdon, Tryfan and a number of summits in the Carneddau
Our first detour was to access the quarry and look at the sheer sandstone walls.

As you can see, the colours and size of the vertical walls were impressive. 
At the road junction, with Holy Family Church ahead, there is an old petrol pump on the immediate right. A museum artifact if ever there was one. We passed the remains of an ancient cross at  just after we passed the 18th century Cronton Hall on our right.
We made another detour to look at a small park; one to take Jack & Emily. Some nice carvings - sadly damaged in somecases. Can you see the mole?

In lodge lane we encountered some chickens sheltering under a hedge. Reminded me of Broad Green and the many happy years of my childhood.

Walking down lanes and along footpaths over fields, we observed Magpies ("8 for?" the one Chris couldn't remember), Partridges, 4 Buzzards, Robins, Long-tailed Tits and more. 
Just off Chapel Lane, as we headed for Sandy Lane we passed a barn with sheep ready to lamb. 
The second loop, of the walk, started just before we got back to the car park. It took us to the M62 and past a now unused sewage farm, and up past a reservoir before completing the walk.

If you haven't done this walk, and you are in the area, it's well worth a visit!