Monday, March 10, 2014

Conservation It's a PIG

Not what we were expecting but, isn't that what's so enjoyable about walking in the English countryside!

What am I on about?
Well it was the surprise near the end of our walk.
Our 5.1885 mile route has been saved and can be found at 
It includes walking through 3 woodlands Kirklees Wood, America Wood and Borsdane Wood. The latter two skirting the banks of Borsdane Brook.
Lichens, evident on many of the bushes and trees,

as we followed clear paths.

Moss warming the bottom of tree trunks, attempting to access light, provided bright green splashes of colour on the woodland floor. (mainly on the North facing side of the trunk)

The section between Kirklees Wood and America Wood took us past Hindley Hall and the associated Golf Course.

Upon entering America Wood we followed a path above Borsdane Brook

that we could see below us.
Descending, via steps, 

we continue along the bank of the brook through the two woodlands.
Among the usual spring flowers,Chris spotted a patch of Butterbur.

Apart from dog owners, that just cannot control their dogs, the walk along the banks of  
Borsdane Brook was very enjoyable.

Then, just before we reached the end of Borsdane Wood we saw a poster.

In fact lots of posters along with the Pigs being used for woodland conservation. One poster asks dog owners to put dogs on leads.
Not one of them, in this area, did as asked!
It's not the dogs that need the training!
How nice however, to see Pigs in natural environments, being used for conservation.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Hunting the White Hart

When I say hunting, I mean "looking for", nothing more than that. 
I've been lucky enough to see the White Hart, when supporting OLASS (Offender Learning and Skills Service) so, I'd hoped to spot him again on this walk.
Our 4.7466 miles route has been saved and the URL for this route is

Parking at Bretherton Church we headed off along the B5247 and quickly turned left down an enclosed path towards the B5248.
The rabbits obviously were not expecting us Meandering along the footpath as we made them jump,and to be fair they made us jump as well.
Turning right, when we reached the road we we watched by a flock of, what I think were, Soay Sheep

It was then time to head off towards Long Fold,  Doles Lane, Boundary Farm and Tattersals Farm before emerging back onto the B5248.

At Norris's Farm to say at land owner was inconsiderate, is an understatement. Walking down the side of the farm, we reached the footpath sign and were faced with, if we followed the correct route, a freshly ploughed field to the footbridge on the far side. 
It brought back memories of how careful we were to keep footpaths accessible over our land. Apparently this doesn't matter any more.
We retraced our steps and walked around the edge of the field to eventually reach the footbridge. 

Crossing both the bridge and the nearby railway line ...
Towards Ormskirk
Towards Preston

...we were on the road through the woodland where I've seen the White Hart in the past. I should add that we had both spotted deer prints in the soft edges of arable fields.
Chris scanned the right-hand side of the road and yes, I scanned the left.
I'm sorry if you are looking for a stunning picture but, My White Hart wasn't to be seen.
Turning off the Willow lined road,with their catkins/lamb's tails, 

we crossed Wymott Brook and, via Copeland Farm, returned to the B5247 completing the loop.
Yes I was disappointed Chris didn't seethe White Hart but, an enjoyable walk albeit boggy underfoot in places.
Perhaps next time!