Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ruff Wood Loop

Wow it's been 7 months since my last post! 

No we didn't stop our Meanders! We just seem to have revisited walks that I've already posted.
Enough of that, today it looked like rain and Chris assured me there was a 57% chance of rain. It wasn't raining so we took a chance.
Today's Meander was 4.8443 miles (7.7962 km) and is available at 

We started at Ruff Wood but there's no reason why you couldn't start at Ormskirk Station or anywhere else on the loop.
Leaving the car, we headed off along Vicarage Lane, turning left just before the churchyard. 

The path skirting the churchyard and down to the coppice at the bottom of the field can be a bit muddy and at times slippery.

We continued on the path until we reached Crosshall Brow (A577) where we turned left towards Ormskirk.
Near the top of the hill, we took a right turn onto Lady's Walk which, after the few houses, becomes a track.
Lady's Walk
We crossed the old railway track (Ormskirk to Skelmersdale), passed the pumping station and eventually emerging onto Lathom Lane.

We both agreed it was nice to have the wind behind us, rather than in our face.
At the end of Lathom Lane, we turned left, onto Dark Lane.
We had spoken too soon! the wind was now straight into our faces! 
Not for long, I'm pleased to say.

Houses provided shelter from the wind and, just over the bridge crossing the old railway line, before Dark Lane becomes Greetby Hill, we turned right and descended steps down to what had been the rail track.
Steps are over my right shoulder. Careful they may be slippery!

We then turned left and followed the track along to Ormskirk Station.
Upon reaching Derby Street, that runs in front of Emmanuel Methodist Church, we crossed straight over and skirted the Church car park, emerging on Stanley Street.
Turning right, then left along Wigan Road, then right along Mill Street we emerged onto Ruff Lane where we continued our walk back to Ruff Wood.

We entered the wood and cut through to the car. 
If you've not been to Ruff Wood, it is well worth a visit; it's been a favourite of our children and is now a favourite of their children (our Grandchildren).

All in all a pleasant walk and yes, it didn't rain.