Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fox, Badger and a Rabbit!

Sadly that was the road-kill seen on the way to Blakemere Moss in Delamere Forest. Not a good start and, in spite of the warnings of rain, we did enjoy our Sunday Meander in Cheshire.
You can access the 5.7904 miles route, that we took at

Starting at the carpark, outside the Bike-Hire and Cafe, 

we headed off towards Blakemere Moss, past the Go-Ape Centre. The paths, except for the odd patch made muddy by mountain-bikes, were good. 

I think it was 1997 that the project started to reinstate this Moss and others in the forest.
As you can see from the images, the moss shows considerable signs of the vegetation that did grow in what now is a large expanse of water.

Apart from the odd goose, mallard duck and the odd cormorant, the most abundant birds were gulls.
Obviously a busy time of year for timber cutting and there are restrictions in place during the week.

But, we are lucky, not at the weekend.
Although we saw lots of walkers, with their wide range of dogs, and cyclists, there were long stretches where all we could hear was the wind in the trees and bird song. On one section we could hear squirrels and see signs of their feeding but,no actual squirrels.
The moss and fungi brighten up the forest floor.

Passing a number of pools

we found most were very dark and like mirrors.

Little did I know, when I went to Winsford, for work, that the moss would attract me back for today's walk which was very enjoyable and it didn't rain.