Sunday, August 10, 2008

San Elijo Lagoon

Just a short 5 a.m walk which can be viewed at The total distance was 3.4881miles.
Starting at El Camino Real road, the idea was to see the sun rise; it didn't as the sky was cloudy! Well it did but we couldn't see it! To spot deer, we didn't, and other wildlife. We saw some ducks, a heron and two rabbits!
Greg said, " I've learned something from this walk; there is no benefit from getting up to start at 5 am!"
Images from our two walks
That said, it was nice to walk in the relative cool of early morning and the breakfast, at the end of North Acacia Avenue, at the end was far more enjoyable because we had walked.
PS we actually walked further than the map indicates as someone couldn't find the cafe! I wont say who Kathleen. It was called the Hideaway. We had a taste of cactus cooked in an omelette.
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