Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February Catch up...

February seems to have dashed by, no sooner have I celebrated my birthday (with a four hour journey home from work and a late celebratory meal at the Blue Elephant) than I'm off work with "man flu". I wouldn't wish that on any body. Before the Flu we had completed a walk that included part of the Delamere Forest; it also retraced some of our steps on the "Sandstone Trail". Images can be seen at Delamere Forest Walk by John Dalziel and as you will see, spring has arrived early! Lambs, snowdrops and Quince Blossom to name but three! This Sunday was the first time, since then, that I felt strong enough to attempt another of our walks so Chris and I set off to complete the Three Parks walk; we were just parking, back in January, to do this walk when Lynn telephoned to tell me mum had died so memories flooded back as we parked again. The following link take you to Bookr showing images of our walk with appropriate titles Liverpool 3 Parks Walk by John Dalziel
The walk, as you can see from the photographs, started in quite thick fog and ended in bright sunshine. Lots of spring flowers and birds, including a wood pecker, in evidence. At the end of the walk it was off to the Tate Cafe for a coffee and a bite to eat before returning home.