Monday, June 17, 2013

RSPB Marshside

A nice walk, near the seaside around the RSPB Marshside Reserve at Southport.
The URL for this 4.6331 mile route is

Father's day and this was an ideal opportunity to try out my new monocular, a present from my son Ben; and of course letting Chris take a look as well.
Flag Iris
We didn't need magnification to view the flowers but a close-up of Avocets (with chick in one case) was pure joy.
To think, at one time, they were seldom seen apart from the North Norfolk Coast. We saw 5 in total. 
Through the Golf course
As you can see, we were blessed with a sunny day and, although we initially took the lower path through the Golf course, when the opportunity occurred, we moved to the higher path; here there was a pleasant breeze.
Keep an eye out for the Alpaca  (Vicugna pacos) which was introduced to ward off foxes etc. from the nesting birds. No I'm not joking!
Cattle - view towards River Ribble
Apart from plants, birds and an Alpaca you will see the cattle that maintain the reserve, making it ideal for nesting, and you may, if quiet, see Water Voles along the path through the golf course.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Monday & Tuesday

A day at home spent playing, gardening and cooking lasagne for tea. 

Ben and Madeline went shopping for a new connection for the gas tumble drier and John and Ben plumbed it in together with the washing machine so that Madeline could catch up with the laundry. Madeline made a spectacular strawberry cake and an earlyish night followed as Norah and her mummy and daddy had missed out on quite a bit of sleep! 

A 7.40am call from Sadie and after the usual breakfast and outing preparations we set off to the Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park...

...which had once belonged to the actor Leo Carrillo famous for starring in the Cisco Kid on 1950s tv. His daughter lived there until 1978 and in 2003 the city of Carlsbad started to restore the buildings and opened it up to the public. 

There are lots of lovely peacocks and it must have been a wonderful place to live in its heyday. Sorry you missed it Mel but here are some photos!

An early lunch followed at El Papagayo in Encinitas then Madeline, Norah, John and I went to Trader Joe's for goodies for fondue tonight- yummy! I then decided to print off the boarding passes for our flight home only to discover that we fly on Thursday, not tomorrow - what a lovely surprise, another day in sunny Carlsbad!! A lazy afternoon with a bit more sunbathing for me and gardening for John whilst the two lambs slept.

More fun with Sadie and Norah then time for their tea and bedtime routine.
Looking forward to fondue...

Monday, June 03, 2013

A little late -update

So much has happened over the last three days that we haven't had time to keep you all up to date. 
Having said that, Friday was a waiting day.

Waiting for confirmation that the sale of the house was complete.
We had a swim in the ocean in the morning and spent some quality time with our grandchildren. My hat looks better on Norah Jane than it does on me.

Eventually the news arrived - B&M the house is indeed yours!

"Action Stations" The over 60s moving team sprung into action.
By Friday night two loads of boxes etc. had been transferred.
Saturday was move, move, move. The same team loading and unloading as Ben spent a "comedy sketch" phone call - lasting 4 hours - attempting to sort his essential Internet connection. Both move and Internet were sorted. 

Sunday was La Jolla day!
Seals, cormorants, pelicans and much more; Starbucks coffee, and investigations of rock pools.

While this was going on, the cleaners were sorting out B&Ms old rental.
The afternoon was gardening time for Chris & I; pruning, clearing, picking etc. with help from Sadie Christine, lots of discoveries in the various plant beds.

After the three younger ladies had shared a bath it was time to visit Madeline's Mum, Dad and Grandma. Good food, drinks and company. Edith and I got on very well :-)
It's now 07:45 and Sadie and Chris have emerged so I'll stop... she is calling "Grandad"
More to follow I'm sure.