Thursday, March 24, 2016

Sorry but I've been experimenting...

Yes I haven't posted here for a while and it isn't because we've stopped Meandering. 
It's because I've been posting at
Partly to experiment with Findery and partly because I find it easier to post from my iPad when out and about.
Back to our Meanders.
On Sunday we decided to do a walk, to look at how the relatively NEW "Broom's Cross" Road has had an impact on the footpaths we've walked quite a few times.
You can see the 7.24 mile route we took at 
I must say, we were both impressed; the paths have been enhanced by the planting of trees, new hedges and fencing.

New pools are in place and wildfowl are starting to investigate.
The whole experience added to by the sunshine and Spring flowers.
If you live near, and/or are visiting the area, it's a walk worth doing. We ended up at Costa, in Maghull, as you can see from the collage, for a drink and a snack.
P.S. If you like jigsaws, try this...